Game-changing, market-dominating features

The Scanner Engine

Let us do the searching…

Tired of manually finding items to sell? Give us a few parameters then let our scanner engine locate high-profit items on Amazon to list on eBay.

  • Rapid startup: Streamline your business by automating product searches
  • Mass evaluation: Evaluate millions of products in moments
  • Increased awareness: Master your unique market with enhanced sell-through insights

The Listing Generator

… and the listing…

We don’t just find the items, we list ‘em too. Our listing generator creates high-quality, SEO-friendly descriptions for every one of your items.

  • Get noticed: Create professional, SEO-optimized listings for all your products
  • Brand Re-enforcement: Maintain your original brand’s look and feel with flexible parameters
  • Mass upload & edit: Upload and edit hundreds of thousands of items at a time

The Price Agent

… and the pricing...

Our price agent tool maximizes your earnings by generating an initial listing price, and automatically adjusting that price as the market changes.

  • Higher Visibility: Always be at the top of eBay’s “Lowest Price” searches.
  • Stay competitive: Outsell your competition with real-time pricing adjustments
  • Competitor statistics: Analyze your competitor’s price strategy to improve your own

The Ticketing System

… and the communication…

Take the hassle out of communication with our custom-build CRM that allows you to easily manage and communicate with all of your buyers with single messages and open cases.

  • Stay connected: Communicate directly with your buyers on a single message strand
  • Develop relationships: Access communication history for all your buyers in one dashboard
  • Customer satisfaction: Answer questions and resolve conflicts in real time

The Transactor

… and the shipping.

Once a customer makes a purchase, our Transactor tool automatically orders that item off Amazon and ships it off to your excited customers.

  • Automated fulfillment: All new transactions are automatically sent to the fulfillment center
  • Easy order tracking: Tracking information for sold items are uploaded to eBay automatically
  • Detailed analytics: View transaction history for any period of time